G&G Next Consignment Auction

Saturday July 24, 2021 Starting at 5:00 P.M.

Consignments Accepted Thursday, Friday and Saturday
From 9:00 A.M To 4:00 P.M
We are located at the junction of 45 & 59 Highway Just 2 MILES SOUTH OF Rushville, MO  
G&G Auction 17500 SW STATE ROUTE 45 Rushville, MO 64484

Auctioneer's Ed Gauger * David Lassen
816-579-5980 or 913-370-0358

We Love Auctions been doing it for 30 Years

Attention to the Consigners and Buyer!

We have two Big Estates is this week's Auction

so with our regular consignment Auction and we  are all filled up so please hold off until next week. This would be a good time to bring your semi truck over to get it filled up. Lol  Thanks, Auctioneer Ed Gauger

What a day we had  at the Auction very busy! WOW

Here is what came in Thursday ( Pictures posted around 6pm....)
Collector Coins ( Pictures posted around 6pm....)
Here is what came in on Friday ( Pictures posted around 6pm....)